Selection’s criteria

Eligibility criteria:

  1. The applicant’s age must be within the range between 15 and 35.

  2. The applicant must be an Arab citizen pursuing a learning journey in an Arab country.

 Safar targets the following youth groups:
  1. Activists/ youth engaged in initiatives/pioneering projects that emanate from their personal passion which is based upon their experiences and who are seeking a collective learning experience.

  2. Individuals who are working on a real social initiative or volunteers who work with youth directly or with institutions dealing with youth and the society at large.

Safar doesn’t cover the expenses for the following:

  1. Academic grants that aren’t related to a social cause.
  2. Traveling for performance purposes.
  3. Traveling with student cultural exchange programs.
  4. Traveling for commercial purposes that are profit-driven.
  5. Traveling to visit profit-driven companies unless the company supports or runs social and voluntary works.

About Safar

A large number of groups and individuals cooperate on a regular basis to develop, execute and evaluate Safar.


Support Safar

Support one or more travel grants for young social entrepreneurs from your country or countries of relevance to your area of work.


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